Gardening in the Blind

It has been too long
February 21, 2012, 3:29 pm
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soon to be started in a basement near you!

It has been too long since I lasted chatted.  We have been too busy lately.  Between dance classes, rock climbing and the gym we really don’t have much time to do anything else.  I am not so keen on this schedule, but we are trying to train for the Tough Mudder in May.  I have a lot of running to go so I am prepared for it.  I have also started a weekday “Paleo” Diet.  That means no gluten, dairy, grains etc.  It makes me appreciate the garden and miss it even more.  But I am in hopes that with the warm week ahead, the ground will thaw so that I can dig out my parsnips.  My mouth waters just at the thought of eating them!

I am still getting some seeds filtering in that were on back order.  I don’t think that I will ever be disappointed when I open the mailbox and see another package sent to me.  It makes me feel so special.  I bribed my husband to deal with the mice in the basement.  We went to Home Depot and picked three different options for traps.  So far we have only caught one well fed mouse.  Deron is in hopes of more as I promised him a nice manhattan for every dead mouse he had to deal with.  It has proven to be a wonder bribe in the past and continues to be.  The trickiest part is hiding the alcohol so he can not find it!

I have a three day workshop I am taking this weekend for my mid-life crisis of changing my profession.  I am going to try to become a personal trainer.  It should be quite fun.  When I finish the weekend, we are going to celebrate by organizing the basement for planting to start.  Hard to believe that it is already that time again.  I will keep you posted as I plant.  This year I am changing a few things for when to start, I hope to see a better production by doing so.  Only time will tell.

The girls are still not laying.  I just purchased a new feed in hopes that might encourage them.  I really miss my eggs that is for sure!



And then I saw….
May 24, 2010, 1:06 pm
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I have been very busy trying to prepare and plant the many tomatoes and other veggies outside.  Friday I decided to start with a tomato bed.  Nice and easy – or so I thought.  As I was carrying up an arm full of tomatoes, I had a near miss with my garden snake.  It had decided to sunbathe at the top of my stairs in the grass.  It had broke the cardinal rule…I don’t see it, it doesn’t see me.  After nearly stepping on it, I barely caught my step to continue to the bed.

And then I saw a toad on Saturday.  I was out on the deck rearranging all the plants when I saw a movement by the sage.  I jumped as I was so startled then I glanced over to see it was a baby toad.  I was happy no one was around to see me jump at such a cute litte toad.  I talked to it for a bit and continued on only to find another in the other bed.  This time by the oregano.

And then I saw what I most dread this time of year.  I saw red ants in my beds.  Those stupid little ankle biters.  I am going to try planting some new things to keep them away.  Look for more to come…

And lastly I saw the cutest little chicks.  I was smitten by first glance.  So much so that Deron and I are going on Friday to pick up a flock of chickens.  We have it all planned.  Deron is going to leave work early on Friday so I can pick him up at the train station and go directly to Klem’s where we will be purchasing the minimal number of chickens (6) to take home.  We have the water, feed and light.  We just need the brooder.

So excitement is abound and I promise I will be posting pictures soon.

My Victory Garden
August 1, 2009, 10:28 am
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I thought I would show you a bit of the progress a few of my items have experienced in the next few postings.  My first being the front yard garden.  This was one of the most enjoyable gardens to plant.  I think it was because I really only put stuff in there that I like the looks of.  So……..

The Front Garden Planted. 5-25

The Front Garden Planted. 5-25

Here is a picture of the garden just planted.  It was taken the end of May.  I had to remove the dirt, somewhat level it out, and plant what I had.  I didn’t have any mulch, but I thought it would be ok.  So out of this, I had to remove the acorn squash, pumpkin and an eggplant before we reach to this time.  They fell victim to many different pests.  I now know that I will not plant any of these things until at least June 1st.

The front garden now

The front garden now

This is what it looks like now.   My zucchini is just now starting to grow, so we will see if I get anything out of it this year.  My replacement pumpkin is hanging on for dear life without a single pumpkin growing on it.  My eggplants have a lot of flowers, just nothing started yet.  My okra is just starting to think about producing.  My tomatillos I have been harvesting every now and again.  My pole beans are starting to flower and the tomatoes have many promising green tomatoes on them.  My bee balm has tripled in size sense I planted them and my basil’s are doing alright.

Over watering
July 31, 2009, 9:07 pm
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My make shift frog pond

My make shift frog pond

I have a problem.  My backyard is slowly flooding.  I have been told that in the early 70’s there was a natural spring that ran through my backyard to the street.  It was not there the last two summers.  It is here with a vengeance this summer.  Due to the abundance of rain I have found myself battling with water and mosquitoes and flies.  I created a “pond” in order for the water to pool somewhere.  This was a great idea until it out grew my pond and spread.  I increased the size and again it spread.  So I did what any normal person would do, I threw a fit.

My running stream of water

My running stream of water

I then went closer to the source of the water and dug a trench to allow for drainage to occur.  This lasted two days and it is back to the same over flowing.  Tomorrow I am going to dig a larger trench and watch it over take it.  We are suppose to get rain every day!  The thing is it is not just a little sprinkle or two that we have been getting.  It is freaky flash flood type of thing. 

So, I am totally open to suggestions if you have any for how to deal with this.  It is unfortunately over flowing and pooling around my raised beds.  My bean bed is getting the worst of it!  Not to mention my legs and arms from the steroidal mosquitoes.