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New plant additions
May 26, 2012, 7:30 am
Filed under: Herbs

It is always exciting when I get new herbs to grow. I seem to be attracted to the wort family. They spread a lot though. So I have soapwort and had motherwort until Deron pulled it out because it “looked like a weed”. But now I have liverwort. Very pretty and will grow up with my horseradish in the wooded area. I wonder what wort I will get next year…
Planted in my lower tier by my deck is Eucalyptus. Wonder fragrance and the ability to clean the air around it. It is just wonderful to pick and hang in your shower.
The best ice tea and sorbet, I had to try my hand at lemon verbena this year. I have tried it in the past with little luck. Let’s hope this year is different.  Heck maybe I will even try my hand at making jelly with it if it grows.


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I would like to know more about the wort family. You my dear are educating a lot of people including myself. Thanks for the information.

Comment by mom

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