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Golden Goodness
March 27, 2012, 6:29 am
Filed under: chickens, Cooking/Canning/Drying

After sometime, my girls have decided to lay eggs again!  I can’t believe how much I missed the eggs this winter.  It has been so long that I forgot how many eggs I get from them.  My neighbors are happy, but more importantly I am!  Nothing says I love you like a fresh egg still warm from the chicken – that with maybe homemade bacon….mmmmm good!


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I have homegrown bacon now from my sis in law…soooo delicious.

Comment by Shelley Burbank

Once you have homemade bacon, there is no going back! Thanks for the repost. I hope someday you too have have the joys of fresh eggs! Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

Comment by Robin

Reblogged this on Outside the Box and commented:
Here is a short post from a suburban “homesteader” whose blog I follow because she is so inspirational. Check out her blog! I bet you’ll be inspired as well. Especially note how she wrote “My neighbors are happy…” Exactly! Chickens make good neighbors. Just sayin’!

Comment by Shelley Burbank

I also reblogged this post on Outside the Box as I am again spreading the word about the goodness of backyard chickens.

Comment by Shelley Burbank

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