Gardening in the Blind

Tuesday’s Harvest
August 10, 2011, 7:37 am
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I can’t believe just how productive my garden has become.  I took the dogs out with me to walk the garden.  A t-shirt full of produce later, I am faced with having to can tomatoes again.  I love this time of year and dread it all the same.  I start to feel tied to the stove canning or drying or just organizing what needs to be done.  But then in the middle of winter it is wonderful to be able to use my hard work!


Saturday’s harvest
August 9, 2011, 7:30 am
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A day of harvest

For not working, I am certainly have busy days.  I am walking dogs and plotting what to sell in the spring.  I also have been out in the garden a lot.  The pollen is out of this world.  I come back inside glowing yellow from head to toe.  

The tomatoes have kicked in full force.  We are unable to keep up with all the tomatoes harvested.  So, I had to can 5 pints of tomatoes before they went bad.  Now when I can them I have to take the peel off.  This year, I am trying something new.  I saved the skins, placing them in the dehydrator then ground them.  I can then use this powder for tomato paste.  Now I have to admit, it smells delicious.  If it was not for my tomato tummy that I get everyday while outside doing my rounds, I would have tried it.  But I have no control over cherry tomatoes!  But I did smile ear to ear to realize that I now utilize all of the tomatoes with no waste! 
I harvested the garlic and I am still harvesting the shallots and of course the tomatoes.  I still have a bed of green ones.  I think salsa is in my near future!

Red Zebra tomato
August 8, 2011, 6:23 am
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A slightly tart tomato, this is a favorite salad addition.  It is on the smaller size at about 2-1/2″ in diameter.  This year I have it growing in a container and it is loving it.  I have been excited to see just how productive it can be. 
This tomato is a cousin to the Green Zebra.  The taste is very similar.  It is a lovely fire engine red with carrot orange stripes.

Corn dreams
August 2, 2011, 10:01 pm
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Food, Inc., King Korn and many other must watch movies crossed my mind on a recent trip to Lancaster, PA.  It is stated over and over again, corn production has gone wrong.  The end product is for the most part inedible and heavily sprayed with insecticides
I saw corn growing everywhere, even surrounding strip malls.  I could not help but wonder about the use. 
Would it be possible to grow usable corn on a mass scale organically?  Would there be a need for it?  Could the soil handle it?
But the most important thing to cross my mind….what am I breathing?
This is what I ponder while stuck at the airport waiting for an extremely late flight to take me home.  There is nothing quite like leaving my home at 3:30 AM and getting home after 1 AM.  I am delirious and tired.
Maybe that is why I am dreaming of organic corn- even with the ugly worm!
Here is to sweet corn dreams,  sometime soon!