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Growing Chickens
April 27, 2011, 12:30 pm
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Girls 1-1/2 months old

My growing girls, 1-1/2 months old

It is now a little over a month and 1/2 since my two chickens were born.  They are growing leaps and bounds.  I have had to open the full dog crate for them now.  They love it!  Friday I am planning on putting a perch (stick) in the cage for them.  The love to fly and will perch on my finger, so it is past time for the introduction to the stick.  Maybe I can get them to perch better than my first ones. 

I am in love with my morning wake up of the chickens clucking, the birds chirping and the sun coming up earlier.  My favorite part is the fact that spring has sprung and life is beginning again around my yard.  I am planting like a maniac right now and plan to work on my garden bed outside on Friday as I am a bit late in planting my shallots. 

I will be posting shortly to discuss everything that I have growing downstairs right now.  It is getting exciting to see the green in the basement.  I can’t wait until I see more green outside!

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Busy Weekend


The snow is melted, the weather is beautiful – in the 60’s- and I have had spring fever for a while now.  So, it has been a very busy time in our household.  No rest for us this weekend.  I went to Harvey’s garden center to see what they had and see if the asparagus was ready yet.  Of course it was not ready, which was quite the disappointment, but I started to notice the price of seedlings.  Wow, they were expensive.  I did however, purchase a small primrose.  It was just so pretty I could not pass it up.  That was the start of a busy outdoor weekend for me.

On Saturday, I woke up and worked on cleaning my herb beds which were a mess.  I just didn’t have the time I needed last fall to get everything done.  After cleaning the first level, I was so excited to see my chives, oregano, mint and lemon balm all starting to have new growth.  My lavender survived the winter, that is a first for me.  I then made my way out front and cleaned my buckets so I could plant lettuce in them.  All pots should have both green and red lettuce in it.  My mouth was watering just thinking about it.  Oh how I can’t wait.  After finishing planting the lettuce, I made my way to the side of the house, where I cleaned and prepped for planting my kale and mustard.  I seeded the mustard, the kale will have to wait a bit.  By then I needed a nap which turned into a very long nap.  But I still danced out on the deck while Deron was making dinner.  It was so grand having daylight still at 7pm. 

Today, Sunday, I had to clean the coops for the chickens.  I decided to have the chickens in the portable coop while I cleaned it out.  They loved it!  I scrubbed the coop out and started to prep the bed next to them.  Amelia was raising a lot of ruckus, so I decided to let them back into their own coop.  As I picked Amelia up first to bring her to the coop, she pooped all over me.  Gotta love it!  She ran to the nest box when I put her in.  I finished bringing the girls back and changed.  I figured there was no reason to change until I moved them all. 

I changed and took the boys for individual walks.  It was great to be out with them.  They loved it as well as they were both perfect!  I then went to work on Bed #1.  This is the raised bed that is closest to last year’s compost bin.  It gets a little bit of shade when the trees fill out, so I decided this year it would be the lettuce bed.  I planted 2 rows of parsnips, 2 rows of red swiss chard, 1 row black spanish radish and 1 row of lettuce.   I will plant more in a couple of weeks. 

Now, I just have pate to make, seedlings to water as well as plant downstairs and do the work I brought home to do this weekend!  I think it is the start of busy days/nights for me!

The picture is of a younger red tail hawk that has been hanging around our yard. It is quite beautiful!

My seedlings
April 5, 2011, 8:38 pm
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Today is April 5.  The day before my father’s birthday.  So dad, if you read this, “Happy Birthday”.  I hope I beat Wendy in saying it first!

Veggies starting to grow

So I have all tomatoes planted as of last weekend.  It is too early to have it germinate yet, so I have an update as to what has germinated in my basement.  

The furthest away in the picture is shallots.  I am trying shallot seeds to see what will come of them.  I also have a six-pack of Radiator Charlie tomatoes I started before the rest of my tomatoes.  In the front which you can just see the seedlings emerge from the soil is Apple Bell Peppers.  My hot peppers are coming up, but it is taking a long time.  My basement is running cooler than last year and the hotter it is for them, the better!

To say I am ready to get outside and have another successful (hopefully) year is a understatment!  I even started celery to try to plant this year.  Mustard seeds are going into the ground this weekend along with a few others I think.  I will let you know what I end up planting in the dirt outside after I do it this weekend!

I hope you enjoy the little breath of life in the picture.  And again, Dad if you are reading, Happy Birthday!