Gardening in the Blind

Let the snow begin!
December 28, 2010, 12:52 pm
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Yesterday was the first real snow storm that we have had.  It was the chickens first snow storm as well.  Let’s just say when my father would turn to my mother and ask if she was to chicken to go out in the snow, I now understand fully.  It was the first day that they refused to go outside.  The would take one step on the ladder and run back inside.  They were not happy!  But I still got two eggs.

Chickens in the Snow

Today the wind has slowed down, the sun is out and they have forgotten all about the huge mess they left in the coop.  I am going to go clean it out again as it is smelling a bit farm-like after yesterday.  I anticipate having at least two if not three eggs today.  They just can’t slow down much.  I think when they start mottling in the spring I won’t be getting much out of them.  Hopefully that won’t last too long as I can’t bear the idea of not having some eggs from them. 

I went to the grocery store on Sunday (before the storm – mayhem in the store) and saw a women looking confused at the eggs.  She would pick up and look inside then put them down and do it again.  I could not help but ask if she needed help with something.  She blushed and said that her farm didn’t have eggs for her and she needed to pick some store ones up.  I laughed and explained that I would be at a loss as well as I haven’t purchased store eggs for at least two years now.  I did however tell her to go with the organic only as the conventional feed contains trace amounts of arsenic.  She thanked me and we both went on our merry way.

I am thankful for everything that I have.  I, like most americans, dream bigger.  It is just not the typical dream.  I want to farm with a barn and smaller house.  I want more land so we can have more animals.  I am pretty sure that Deron and I would become vegetarians while raising the animals.  They are just like family – sometimes even closer.  My chickens love to do figure 8’s around my legs, not to mention all the laughs.  Gus, my chocolate lab is always right next to me when I am crying.  Tyler, my black lab is under the covers warming me up at night.  Barkley, my oldest cat is the only animal in the house that listens to me, and Hunter, my black cat just keeps me on my toes the entire time!  I would not have it any other way.  But still, a couple of goats, a baby cow, a couple of piglets and more chickens would not be bad either!