Gardening in the Blind

Fall chores
November 13, 2010, 8:09 pm
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My big girls

It is that time of year.  You know it is pretty much over but that leaves an insurmountable amount of added chores to do.  It is chilly out and all you want to do is curl up with a great book and quilt to stay warm, but atlas you realize it just can’t happen.

I have been letting the girls work the soil on the beds slowly.  The poop should be a nice composted addition to each bed by spring. 

I am almost done taking all containers and washing them for storage downstairs.  I will then need to organize down there as it is quickly becoming to hard to walk now!


A watched hen never lays..
November 7, 2010, 3:20 pm
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Egg in nest box

and other advice from my little “homestead” today.  Amelia was on the nest box for over an hour before she left me with a beautiful egg.  I find myself in the middle of the day eager to get home and find an egg.  It is such a special time and it should only get better!  I got my first egg from another chicken as well this weekend,just not 100% sure who it was.  I think it was Allie.  It was overly exciting to have.  Deron surprised me and made me eggs benedict this morning.  It used a lot of eggs, but it sure was good!

I planted all of my garlic.  To my dismay, I have a squirrel or chipmunk digging up all my garlic.  Who knows just how many I will end up with.  Memo to self: next year cover the garlic with row cover so the little distructors can’t dig up all the cloves that were planted.

Most everything is pulled out of my garden except herbs, kale and parsnips.  I still have small leeks as well.  I plan on keeping them until Thanksgiving.  I’m not sure that I am ready for this.  This being a very cold winter.  I hope for the sake of the chicks it is not that cold or they will be staying in the garage a bit. 

Ok, I admit it openly, they are spoiled pets much like all animals here at my house.  Except the very small mouse I found dead in the garlic patch last weekend.  It is not spoiled.  But it is now buried next to dixie and the drowned squirrel we had a couple of years ago.  At least I can give it a little spot for itself.  A place I can remember it by.  A place I let the bamboo grow and flowers bloom and no weeds grow.

I guess you could call what I am trying to do as a suburban homesteading example.  We are learning everything we can for the bee hive, but then we are stuck.  Not enough land to have any more animals.  But then again, I never envisioned myself being a mom to 9 right now.  Let alone a whole hive of bees! 

I have been teaching myself how to make cheese.  I started simple – yogurt then moved on to neufchatel and labneh cheeses.  Both are soft.  My next cheese is a gallon cheese which will be a one pound hard cheese.  I am a bit nervous about this, but still am excited to try it.  Deron has been trying to better his beer making skills, we bottled almost two cases of oatmeal stout beer today.  We need to let it sit for a minimum of two weeks before trying it. 

We have been excited to find a few local farms in which I get not only raw milk for the yogurt and cheeses, but also certified organic grass fed meats.  It gives me such a wonderful feeling to be able to eat more locally.  It is expensive, but if used sparingly it is so much better.  My husband was laughing when he finally was able to identify the taste of the beef roast as beefy.  It sure wasn’t grocery store meat that is for sure.  I didn’t go this week, but I look forward to going this week for sure.