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My First Egg!!!!
October 17, 2010, 9:49 am
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Amelia's Egg

It seems like it has taken forever.  This morning Amelia was missing from the ground treats so I decided to investigate.  It is not like her to miss the treats.  But it was surprising to see her in the nest box.  Then I watched her lay an egg right in front of me!  How perfect!  I will type more about the chickens a little later.


Egg Watch 2010
October 6, 2010, 12:42 pm
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Thursday marks the start of week 20 with the chickens.  I have grown obsessed by the day with when I might get my first egg.  Hence my new saying when we are traveling home from work…”Egg Watch 2010, when will it be”  My mother has taken to think that the egg will happen on 10/10/10 or better known as Sunday.  I certainly hope it happens sooner.  I am finding it harder and harder to wait.  I go out with a flashlight every morning and night to scour the coop in hopes my little Amelia has dropped an egg somewhere.  But then again, I am sure that when it does in fact happen, you my readers will be the second to know.  Deron will be the first and have to calm me down a lot!

We have not decided just what to do with this first egg.  At first I thought I would try to blow out the egg to save the shell, but then remembered that the shell would probably be too thin for this.  So then we decided that we would just hold a photo shoot for this egg and document every possible angle.  But then what due we do?  I think I will make some cookies or something so that both Deron and I can partake in this event.  I guess we will just have to wait and see just what we feel like if and when the time comes.  Until then, we will just dream and joke about the flashlight game we play everyday searching while continuing “Egg Watch 2010”

Stay posted for the next installation.  Hopefully with really good news and updated photos!  I haven’t been home too much during the daylight hours.

200 and counting
October 4, 2010, 7:45 am
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Looking down the rows of garlic growing

This weekend I prepped the area for growing garlic.  I found that we got a bit overzealous with the depth of the garlic last year so this year I wanted it to be just right. 

It starts with tilling the soil to make sure it is rock free and not heavily compacted.  I added some compost on top before it was tilled and put Deron to work.  He asked what he could do.  I doubt he will ask again!  Next I found a wooden dowel that was a little thicker then my thumb in diameter.  I took the tape measure out and placed blue tape 1-1/2″ from the end.  This would act as the indicator for how deep to poke the whole.  The deeper you go, the smaller your heads.  Trust me I learned this the hard way.

So after holes have been made every 4″ or so, you are ready to place the garlic cloves in each hole.  When you look at a clove of garlic, that point that it comes to is the top.  You want the more bulbous end to be down first, the top pointy part on top.  I fill the holes then go back and cover.  It makes it easier for me to be able to count how many I am planting. 

After doing all of this I found I ran out of garlic.  I have space for at least another 50 plus I wanted to experiment with growing it in pots.  I plan on filling the pots with soil, planting the garlic and than burying the pot 3/4 way into one of my beds.  In the spring, I am just going to lift and set out.  I am assuming it should grow just fine.  I am thinking it will be ready to harvest sooner as it will be warmer then the ground.  I will post a picture of this as soon as I get more cloves to plant.