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Busting out the seams
April 21, 2010, 12:09 pm
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It has been a busy few weeks for me.  I am starting to burst at the seams with my growing seedlings downstairs.  Last weekend Deron needed to go to the hardware store and pick me up an additional shelving unit and 2 more lights.  I ran out of room!

Now I knew I had more tomatoes than I needed, but it turns out I have 98 tomato plants growing downstairs.  It seems I am doing everything extreme this year.  I think I might try to sell some in a month.  Deron is really set on me planting at least 60 tomato plants so we will see.  I will be doing more research as to where to plant this weekend. 

One of my lemon balms starting to grow!

Meanwhile, Monday was a holiday for me – Patriots day.  So I utilized the dry weather to till in some compost and plant my shallots and onions.  This took me all morning to do.  I ended up planting the pint of shallots – only 15 and 139 onions.  Now before you say anything, they are a mixture of yellow and red both good storage onions.  For the yellow I chose to try a new type, Candy.  They name sounded too good to pass up!   The red are the same as last year – Mars.  Both stored really well for me through the winter.  Matter of fact I still have some of the smaller ones from last year and they are still a ok!

I will post a picture tonight of the onion bed.  I am in hopes that we will be able to leave early and still have plenty of light by the time we get home.  In the meantime, I thought I would post a picture of my lemon balm that is starting to grow.  It is very pungent right now!


Garlic and More
April 15, 2010, 8:47 am
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Looking down the rows of garlic growing


After sweating a bit worrying about the garlic that I planted (see this post) I realized it was going to be ok.  Worse case I get no garlic and peas this year.  Afterall, with all the rain fall we have been getting, the both the pea bed and the garlic area got way too much.  But it stopped raining long enough for my water management hat to go on and solve the flooding issues.  I am happy to say I think I only lost about 10 heads of garlic.  I told Deron he needed to start now trying to find things that he can make with the garlic scape.  Delicious with many opportunities for use the scape is one of my favorites. 

My large amount of chives already


So, an outside update.  Spring has sprung.  I have lots starting to grow.  I am amazed at the fact that both my garlic chives and regular chives are ready for a trimming.  Our next salad is going to have plenty of chives chopped up in it! 

I have planted Kale by seed and it is starting to come up as well.  This is the time of year that I really want to push a long so I can plant everything. 

My soapwort is spreading out!!!

As I moved down the deck I noticed something very exciting.  My “new” herb I planted last year, Soapwort is doing terrific!  It is hard to believe that it started out last year so tiny and delicate.  Now it is out to rule the world or at least a space in my garden.

Spectacular Weekend
April 5, 2010, 9:00 pm
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New born Lamb at Sturbridge Village

A little off topic, this weekend was a HUGE change from the pouring rain that would never stop!  We were able to take Tyler (my black lab) to Sturbridge Village to walk around.  This is only allowed for very few times a year.  Not only was Tyler great and even wore his doggles, he had a stare down with a calf.  The calf won, but just because we pulled Tyler away.

Deron held Tyler so I could go look at the newborn lamb that they had.  It had been born two days before.  Talk about special!  All legs and a bundle of joy.  It made my day even more picture perfect!  My craving for a farm just got much bigger!

Growing indoors
April 1, 2010, 3:01 pm
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Right side of Shelving

Being almost a year since I started this blog, I decided to revisit how I have set it up for growing the seedlings indoors.  This year I have been placed in the basement so that we could actually have a guest room.  For what I am not sure.  I guess the cats won that war.  Anyways, I didn’t think that I would like it down there, but I have grown to love it this season.  The base of this consists of purchased metal shelves that were 48″ wide from the local hardware store.  We drilled holes in each side for a hook and purchased shop lights to hang by chain.  2 lights per shelf.  In each light I have made sure that there is one cool and one daylight lamp.  This helps to lessen the flourescent burns on plants.  I have never had any which is even better!

Left side of Shelving

I use a shelf for storage of pest stuff as well as the Rubbermaid tub I use for the soil.  I fill it up add water and mix.  Any soil that I don’t use, I keep handy on the shelf.  Also I store my pitcher that I use for watering the plants on this shelf.  I have both of the heating pads on the right side just mainly due to outlets or should I say lack there of.  I am maxed out on things that I can plug-in now.  But that is ok.  I don’t see anything else I will be needing to plug-in.  I also store a stool which for the most part I just use as a portable work surface, sometimes I do use for sitting as well though I find myself sitting on the carpet looking up more.  I also keep an apron down there.  Right now it is overly due for a wash!
The shelf configuration allows for smaller plants on top and as they grow they are shifted to the bottom where they get more room between the top and the lights.  Very important.  The left shelfs are where I place the bigger seedlings ready to be removed from the heating pad. 

My Workspace/storage space

I have a U shape configuration now that I am in the basement and I have to say that it works much better.  I have plants/lights on either side with a shorter smaller workbench shelf at the end.  This allows me a much-needed workspace for watering etc.  I love it.  It is much better then placing on the floor for watering as well as trying to transplant sitting down for long periods of time.  Soreness really use to set in.