Gardening in the Blind

Holy Basil!
February 27, 2010, 1:27 pm
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All the Basil before transplanting into larger containers

Ok, I will admit it, I fell victim to the winter blues.  It is a serious condition resulting in many, many transplanted basil plants.  This week I transplanted 20 basil plants.  This is serious folks.  I have to admit that it is really really nice to go downstairs and just sit with the green plants growing, but that is a lot of basil!  I am going to try to take some off the heating pad either tonight or tomorrow night to see if they will survive or if it is just a bit too cool for them.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I haven’t quite decided just what I am going to do with that much basil yet, but when I am ready to pass them along, I hope the plants will help with someone elses winter blues.  Most are Genevese Basil, although I do have some Thai basil as well!


Basement potatoes???
February 21, 2010, 8:58 pm
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Basement Potatoes

On January 17th, I planted a small container of potatoes to experiment with.  Ideally, potatoes should have no problem growing inside.  So I put my theory to the test.  Why not.  I had some of the lights on anyways.  With today being a little more than a month later, I am faced with the fact that I now have to hill the potatoes as they are growing like a weed.  By this rate I will be harvesting potatoes hopefully pest free by early to mid spring.  Now that is exciting!  I will keep you posted as they grow up.

On the way to self sustaining
February 14, 2010, 9:37 am
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Dried Herbs


I still have this need to sell stuff out of my garden in order to pay for the seeds.  It didn’t happen last year, although I did get around $50.  This year I am going to try harder!  I am trying something new.  I am taking matters into my own hands.  I have really high hopes.  I created an Etsy shop – in order to sell my dried herbs.  So far it has been a no go, but I did get someone at work who wanted Oregano.  That is a plus!  I have started my jar to see what I will get by the end of the season.  Between selling both fresh herbs during the season and dried herbs off-season I am eager to see what will come of it.  

One of the purses I have made


In addition to selling my dried herbs, I am also selling purses from discontinued memo samples from work.  I am going to keep this money separate from the herbs, but it will be applied to the garden as well.  If you have any more ideals please let me know.  I am going to try everything including selling some perennials (Thanks Shelly for the idea last year!).  

I am in hopes that I will have some really healthy basil and cayenne peppers to sell around planting time.  They might be too big for people though.  They are growing like a weed!  My lavender and Rosemary have been slow to germinate, but have started growing as well.  Cilantro is almost to the point where I need to trim it!  The same is true for the arugula.  Very exciting stuff happening in my basement this winter.