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Gardening for Next Year – Part One
November 29, 2009, 10:15 am
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I am sorry it has taken me so long to post something.  It has been a series of most unfortunate events.  But here I am, writing about my garden planning when it is still November.  You may be asking why…It is my secret to have all ordered before the end of the year in order to get this years prices.  It really doesn’t save that much, mostly pocket change, but that is more pocket change then I had before. 

After yet another year of not getting that great of cabbage, I have decided not to grow them.  The pesky little green worms (that turn into the pesky white moth/butterfly that lays more green eggs everywhere) need to find a new home.  I don’t think I will grow potatoes next year either.  I found a farm out in western Massachusetts where I can purchase 50 pound bags of organic potatoes for a mere $12.   It doesn’t make since to grow them when I can get them that cheap.  On the flip side, I was very happy with the onion bed (onions, shallots, leeks and four tomatoes) and loved the full bed of arugula that I planted after realizing the root veggies were not doing so well. 

Due to the fact that I did in fact get late blight that in a span of one week wiped out my entire garden of tomatoes, I need to be extra careful where I plant them this year.  The spores stay in the ground over winter.  I am going to convert an extra bed into tomatoes maybe.  Deron really wants me to shoot for 75 tomatoes.  I told him I would be lucky to get the 63 that I had last year.  I am guessing that it will be a little less, but hopefully it will be a better, drier year.  So below is the start of a list I am putting together to grow next year.  Next I will post about the herbs I am planning to grow next year, then the last post is my most time-consuming – I research spacing of each and lay out the beds and ground with the herbs and other companions for each.  So for a simple thing, it is a little more complicated then it first appears to be.

Arugula – great no brainer that is easily grown anywhere.  This is one of Deron’s favorites.  We use it in lieu of lettuce for BLT’s.  (I guess that makes it a BAT!)

Bush Beans – I have some calipso beans already.  I would like to have at least a couple more types.  Will need to research what I have and what I can get.  Not sure if I have any left from last year.

Carrots – What garden is complete without carrots?  I threw carrots in with the beans and with the tomatoes.  They work as companions for many things.

Cucumbers – I need to make pickles next year.  I wasn’t able to this year and it was hard!

Fairy Tale Eggplant – I don’t like eggplant, but I love these!

Garlic – Already planted!

Hot Peppers – Not sure what kinds yet.

Kale – great for you and another easy to grow.  My favorite is to take the kale and wilt it in some hot sesame oil and combine with scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Keeps me full well past lunch time.

Leeks – It amazed me that when I planted them, they were no more than a blade of grass and they slowly grew to hearty leeks.  I have left a couple in the ground still.  Maybe next week we will have them.

Onions – I have almost used up all that I grew last year.  It is a staple that is sure not to go to waste.  You don’t need to do anything for it either.

Peppers – Not a huge producer for me, but I love to grow them anyway.

Pole Beans – LOVE THEM!  Very pretty coloring in the garden.  My dogs love to pick and eat the beans as well.  Extra treat for them.   I will grow the wren’s egg and scarlet runner again, not sure what else if any.

Shallots – They always say to grow what you would save money having in the garden.  This is one that I have saved a lot with.  I ended up harvesting over 40 shallots.  I am still using them, but they are getting a little low.

Squash – I don’t know what kind yet.  I need to look at Baker Creek and see what catches my eye.  It might be two kinds.

Tomatillos – Deron and I both now have grown to love these little odd balls of joy!  They are great in soup with Chicken.

Tomatoes – This is the longest to plan for.  I try to get only a couple of each type I plant.  I have them scattered around the entire yard. 

What have I forgot that you think I should grow next year?  I am open to suggestions.  Are there any vegetable that you crave and wish you could have?  Let me know.  It might just end up growing in my garden!